Cycle to the Sea

Our Most Manageable Set Ride

Leave the mountain passes behind for an easier Half Day ride, taking in both the National Park and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Oh, and seaside!

80km of rolling but manageable bike bliss. No maps, no checking where you are. Just quiet roads, stunning views and a wonderful cafe stop at half way. Start and Finish are at a superb cafe/bakery in a small but easily reached village with free parking and a huge bike shop, should you feel the need to treat yourself.

I’ll carry a rucksack for your spare clothes, tools for minor fixes and punctures. You just pedal.

Pace and Terrain

We’ll aim to average around 14mph/22.5kph and climb 2 notable hills in the middle third with some shorter and shallower ones in between for a total of 1000m climbing. The last climb is tough, so bring a gear of 34×26-28 (if you’re a regular cyclist) or lower (if you’re not – see below).

How Fit Do I Need To Be?

If you’re generally in good shape and consider yourself to be fitter than most of your friends, you’ll complete this ride without a problem. The second most important factor is the lowest gear on your bike; if you don’t ride much, check that the number of teeth on the biggest sprocket on your back wheel is the same as or more than the number on the smallest chainring at your cranks.

If you’re still riddled with doubt about keeping up, get a few cycling friends together and hire me to guide you on this ride at a pace you know you’ll be happy with. Just hit the Bespoke Rides button to book.

Where to meet and Parking

Cycle to the Sea starts and finishes at More? The Artisan Bakery, Mill Yard, Staveley, Cumbria LA8 9LR. More? opens at 07:30, so if you want to arrive early for coffee or breakfast, check out the treats at

Mill Yard have tightened-up on car parking lately but there is plenty of unrestricted and free parking in the village, with the nearest being on Back Lane, immediately to the left before entering Mill Yard. Alternatively, Silver Street (look for Staveley Village Hall) is just 200m west from the Spar at the entrance to Mill Yard.

‘Cycle to the Sea’ Risk Assessment –

Please, never ignore your safety! You must read, understand and accept these cautions in order to ride with us.

‘Cycle to the Sea’ is a non-competitive, Guided, bike ride. The route isn’t technical and the road surface is generally good but there are some natural and human hazards to be aware of.

First is the weather. We wouldn’t expect snow on this relatively low-lying route but, being coastal and in Cumbria, it does rain now and again. Please check your tyres and brakes are in good condition and bring front and rear lights if the weather looks gloomy or wet.

Second, please let me, as The Guide, check the safety at junctions where we cross busier roads. As you cross, keep alert and vocal, so as to call out to other riders if you can see a hazard approaching. The same applies when we pass through the pretty and therefore very popular coastal village of Arnside, where pedestrians and dogs seem to have a similar, gung-ho, approach to crossing the road. Traffic can make the roads through Arnside narrow and there are numerous cars parked and manouvering.

We also have a fast descent into Kendal off the final climb and the last few miles are on extremely quiet but narrow roads, which attract horse riders, walkers and require passing vehicles to come to a stop.

Bookings and Prices

The cost for this fully Guided Ride is £20 per person

The next date for this ride is: Saturday 4th April 2020

To book: